Paleo Diet Essentials

Going paleo means making sure your kitchen is ready for your new way of healthy eating. This obviously means getting rid of unhealthy processed foods, refined sugar and flour, carbonated beverages, most of your vegetable oils and other paleo-unfriendly food items.

But just like there are things you need to get rid of, there are also things that will become very valuable to you. These are your paleo cooking essentials and you will need to keep these essentials on hand to replace all of the processed foods you will be removing from your life. On the paleo diet plan, as with any dietary approach, there are going to be foods and beverages that you are going to love as well as foods and drinks that you absolutely hate. That’s just part of a lifestyle change. Thankfully though, there are many people who have already walked this ‘Paleo path’, and they have roughly 45 food items that became staples in their transition. And these foods can become staples in your life too.


1 – Shrimp

2 – Wild-caught salmon

3 – Uncured, organic, nitrate-free bacon

4 – Organic, free-range chicken

5 – Grass-fed beef


6 – Organic, free-range eggs


7 – Extra-virgin olive oil

8 – Organic coconut oil

9 – Organic ghee


10 – Black tea, green tea and herbal teas

11 – Filtered water

Fruits and Vegetables

12 – Apples

13 – Broccoli

14 – Kale, romaine lettuce, green leaf lettuce

15 – Tomatoes

16 – Berries – raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc.

17 – Oranges

18 – Pears

19 – Melons – cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, etc.

20 – Carrots

21 – Spinach

22 – Asparagus

23 – Onions

24 – Brussels sprouts

25 – Beets

26 – Celery

27 – Cucumber


28 – Cinnamon

29 – Turmeric

30 – Black pepper

40 – Basil

41 – Garlic powder

42 – Cumin

Seeds and Nuts (unsalted, uncoated)

43 – Almonds

44 – Ground flaxseed

45 – Cashews

If you started with nothing but the 45 food items just mentioned, you could make a virtually endless number of paleo-approved recipes and meals. You can additionally purchase any fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that you like. For a simple start, focus on the 45 foods on this paleo essentials shopping list to take the decision-making process out of stocking your paleo kitchen.

Paleo Cooking Essentials Shopping Tip

When you are shopping at a traditional grocery store, there is a simple shopping tip that will save you a considerable amount of time. Shop the exterior of the store. When you walk in to the front door of your grocery store, imagine the right and left walls and the back wall of your store as a “U” shaped health food store.

The majority of the products in the interior aisles of the grocery store are where you find all your unhealthy processed foods that don’t make it on a paleo shopping list. Stick to the exterior of your store and you will not only spend less time shopping, but you won’t end up with any paleo-unfriendly foods in your buggy.

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