How Often Should You Do The Paleo Challenge?

Some people that go on a 30-day paleo challenge end up eating this way for most of the rest of their lives. They find it leads to mental focus and clarity, healthy weight management, great skin and a number of other benefits. However, you may feel the need to do a paleo challenge simply to get a healthy reset on your body. If this is the case, you may wonder if it is okay to perform this type of challenge frequently.

If you are currently eating predominantly junk food, fast food, restaurant food and food that you get in a can, box or wrapper, going paleo is a much healthier alternative. You are going to be eating “real food” instead of processed food, and you will notice significant health benefits pretty quickly. Even so, how often is too often to perform a paleo challenge?

What Are Your Intentions?

If you have a good relationship with food, you can enjoy a 30 day or 21-day paleo challenge regularly. If you are just looking to drop 10 pounds and remove dangerous and unhealthy toxins and poisons from your body, going through this type of challenge once or twice a year may be all you need to reach and maintain a healthy body weight. If you are trying to totally transform extremely poor eating habits, you may want to consider 3 or 4 such challenges a year.

Remember, some people eat this way all the time.

They find that eating whole foods such as raw foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, drinking water and herbal teas suits them perfectly and is enough to lead to the healthy results they are looking for. You can eat free-range eggs, fish and seafood, chicken, lamb and turkey, grass-fed beef and pork. Since it is not as restrictive as vegetarian, vegan and some other dietary approaches, many people find it easier to make it through a paleo challenge than most other diets.

Listen to Your Body

The key to understanding how frequently you should go through a challenge is based on results, and how you feel. You really have to listen to your body and your mind. During your initial 30-day paleo challenge, the first few days could be uncomfortable or frustrating. It could take as much as a week or more to get in your “paleo groove”.

As far as safety is concerned, you should undergo medical testing before and after your challenge. This gives you a good idea of what real benefits your paleo eating plan is doing for you. Checking up with your doctor when your challenge is over will give you a good idea of how it has affected your mental and physical health.

As long as your doctor gives you a clean bill of health after your challenge is over, enjoying 3 or 4 such challenges a year is probably safe. Just remember to check with your doctor after each challenge is over, and like many others who have gone through this process, you and your doctor will probably be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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