Preparing for Your 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Any change can be difficult and the same is true for your 30 day challenge. There will be times when it is hard and there may even be times when you want to give up. The trick to success is figuring out the areas where you will likely struggle and then making a plan to overcome those struggles. This isn’t saying that you won’t still have times when things are hard, but the more prepared you are beforehand the more likely you are to find success..

Do You Slowly Increase Pressure on the Gas Pedal, or Do You Slam It to the Floor?

When you are driving down the road in your favorite vehicle and you want to accelerate, what do you do? You press the gas, of course. However, there are a couple of ways to give your car some gas to increase your speed. You could slam the gas pedal all the way to the floor, which might seem to be the way to get where you want to go quickly, but if you aren’t used to driving at that speed then you will very likely lose control of your car.

The same is true for eating, if you are just starting to eat in a new way you might find yourself excited to ‘get there faster’ but that might cause you to overwhelm your body and lead to you veering off of your path.

On the other hand, if you take your time going through the paleo challenge, and you allow yourself to slowly acclimate to this new way of living you stand a much better chance for success.

Go Purging and Shopping

If it comes in a box or a can, has a long list of unpronounceable ingredients or you picked it up at a fast food location or your favorite restaurant, it’s got to go. This means purging your pantry and refrigerator, and going shopping for healthy replacements. Just make sure you don’t purchase fresh produce until the day before your Paleolithic challenge kicks off, and remember you will have to shop for produce a couple of times a week during your challenge.

Start Drinking Lots of Water

It is believed that the typical human being in a modern country drinks anywhere from 25% to 50% less water than the body needs on a daily basis. Through the foods and beverages you eat and drink, your body needs roughly 1 gallon of water to pass through your system each day. You will be drinking a lot of water on the paleolithic 30 day challenge, so start now.

Be Prepared for a Rough Start

Your system is going to go through a massive change with this healthy nutrition adoption. This means some people will experience fatigue, dizziness, a lack of focus and flulike symptoms over the first 3 to 7 days of the plan. Understand that this is a sign your body is becoming healthier, and mentally prepare for it. If you slowly begin eliminating non-paleo foods from your diet a few weeks before you start, you will minimize your negative experiences.

Think About the Big Picture

Create a vision board, with pictures of the reality you want to create with this healthy approach to eating. Keep it with you. Before you start your challenge, write inspirational, motivational notes and keep them in your wallet, pocket or purse. Think about the big reasons why you are taking this 30 day challenge, and remind yourself each morning when you wake up and each night before you go to bed. Doing this before you start your challenge will make it a daily habit during your month of healthy eating.

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