Preparing Your Paleo Kitchen

They say that if you are selling your home, spending some time redoing your kitchen can return several times the amount of money you invest when you finally make the sale. The same is true when you spend money on your kitchen for health purposes. Whatever you spend getting your kitchen ‘paleo ready’ will return itself many times over. Not only in terms of your overall health, but also your energy levels, weight loss, and mental clarity. Below are some ways that you can invest in your paleo kitchen, and by doing so invest in your health.

Avoid Temptation by Purging Your Pantry

When you don’t have non-paleo food staring you in the face, it is harder to stumble on your paleo path. If the unhealthy foods you crave are not nearby, it is much easier to avoid eating them. So your first step to creating a paleo friendly kitchen is to purge your pantry, cleanse your cupboards and clean out your refrigerator.

Some of the things you will want to remove include grains, beans, dairy, flour, refined sugars, carbonated beverages and processed foods. You can donate these foods to a worthy cause, discard them, or have your non-paleo friends over for a free food-grab. Replace those foods with vegetables and fruits, grass-fed, organic meats, poultry and seafood, healthy fats, seeds and nuts.

Get the Right Gear

You are going to need freezer bags, cleaning supplies, boxes for food donations and a sharpie marker. Buy freezer bags which have large white areas on them where you can write down what is in the bag, as well as the date you place it in the freezer. The boxes are self-explanatory, and since this is the perfect time to give your cabinets, pantry, refrigerator and freezer a really good cleaning, that’s what the cleaning supplies are for.

If you don’t have an ample supply of transparent glass or plastic containers you can use to store food in your fridge and freezer, you’ll need to pick those up too.

Essential Paleo Tools and Appliances

You will definitely need a blender and a slow cooker. A salad spinner and steamer are optional, but will make your life much simpler if you have them. You probably already have standard cooking pots and pans, and if you don’t have a really good chef’s knife, pick one up. Throw out your old cutting board and buy 2 new ones, one for meat, poultry and seafood, and the other for fruits and veggies. You’ll need tongs, baking dishes and a blender, and while a juicer is optional, once you begin making incredibly delicious and nutritious juices from fresh fruits and vegetables, you will be happy you made the purchase.

Pick up a meat thermometer, transparent, glass storage containers, a citrus juicer, measuring bowls, cups and spoons. Make sure your pots and pans are made of cast-iron, ceramic, glass or some other safe, non-toxic material.

Now It’s Time to Hit the Grocery Store, Farmer’s Market, and Health Food Store

After a kitchen and pantry purge and after you grab all the essential tools and appliances that you will need on your paleo journey, it is time to go shopping! This is the fun part. If you are not used to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, don’t overdo your purchasing and only buy the things that you know you will use quickly. Over time you will get a feel for how much food you need and how frequently you should be going to the store.

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