The Best Aloe Vera Drinks On The Market In 2019

Making your own aloe vera juice and aloe vera drinks can be time consuming. Many people simple will not do it because they do not have the time or the energy to go through all of the steps required to make your own drinks. If you still want all of the benefits that come along with drinking aloe vera, you can actually buy aloe vera drinks at a wide variety of stores. But how do you know which ones you should buy?

Here are some of the best aloe vera drinks you can buy in stores:

Fruit of the Earth

Fruit of the Earth is a brand that provides a wide variety of aloe vera drinks, in a number of different flavors. While some people prefer the natural Aloe Vera taste, if you do not find that it is to your liking, a Fruit of the Earth drink might be a great option for you, since all of their drinks are blends with fruits for sweetness and flavor. They use no artificial sweeteners (no sugar at all, actually) or colors in their drinks, making them a great option for those looking to remove chemicals from their diet.


ALO is one of the most popular brands of aloe vera drinks, and they come in a huge variety of flavors, from simple aloe vera to mixtures with pomegranates, cucumbers, honey, wheatgrass, lemon, or grapefruit. How much these drinks costs will depend on where you buy them, ranging from $10 to $20 for a 480 ml bottle. These drinks are made with no added sweeteners and nothing artificial. All of their ingredients are also organic. They add aloe pulp to many of their drinks, which is loved by some people and hated by others.

Aloe Vera Water

Instead of being made into a juice, which is one of the most popular aloe vera drinks, you can also find aloe vera that is made into flavored waters. Unlike the juice options, where the aloe vera will be diluted by other flavors and will be sweetened by the addition of fruit or vegetable juice, aloe vera water is pure hydration, with the additional benefits of aloe vera. If you like the taste of natural aloe vera, you will probably enjoy aloe vera water. There are a range of different brands that offer this drink, at a variety of different prices.

Natural Brand

One of the most common brands of aloe vera juice is Natural Brand. This brand, which you can usually find at GNC, boasts being almost 100% natural, whole leaf aloe vera juice, made only from organic leaves. On their website, it is listed as $14 for thirty-two fluid ounces of juice. Unlike other drinks that dilute their aloe vera juice, this one has been neither concentrated and has no patter added. It has not be flavored in any way, which makes it great for drinking straight or for use in making your own aloe vera drinks.

Lily of the Desert

This brand is one of the least expensive on this list, providing you with thirty-two ounces of pure aloe vera juice for less than ten dollars. Like the drink provided by Natural Brand, it is straight aloe vera juice, made only from the best leaves and the best processes, to provide the purest juice. This is definitely a very refreshing option if you are looking for a way to benefit from aloe vera and want to try out aloe vera drinks!

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