Never Let Your Dentist Give You an Antibiotic Without a Good Reason

Overuse of antibiotics is
rampant in the U.S. One study found that at least half of all antibiotics taken
outside of a hospital are unnecessary.[i]

Not only do these drugs have serious side
effects, but antibiotic overuse has led to drug-resistant superbugs. They now
kill about 23,000 Americans every year.[ii]

You might be surprised to learn that dentists are
among the most avid antibiotic prescribers. They often require patients to
routinely take them before appointments.

Antibiotics are supposed to prevent heart
infections that might occur when bacteria get into the bloodstream during teeth
cleanings and other procedures.

But new research shows that 81% of the
antibiotics prescribed by dentists are completely unnecessary.

study was published in the journal JAMA
Network Open
. The research team collected data on 170,000 antibiotic
prescriptions written by dentists for 90,000 patients.

to medical guidelines, dental patients are supposed to take an antibiotic as a
precaution only if they have certain heart conditions. But less than 21% of
patients given antibiotics had one of these conditions.

Jessina McGregor of Oregon State University was one of the researchers. She
said that dental antibiotics have “risks that outweighed the benefits” for most

Don’t Take Antibiotics You Don’t Need

You should never take antibiotics unless you
absolutely need them to treat a serious infection. If your dentist makes you
routinely take antibiotics, show them the new study. You can find it here.

Ask your dentist whether you really need antibiotics.
If he or she says yes, consider getting a second opinion from another dentist.


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