Trainerize Review [Everything You Need to Know]

Get the Basics…

  • Trainerize is a web-based workout tracking software used primarily for online personal training.
  • It’s most valuable feature is a flexible workout creation system which can organize almost any workout a trainer can imagine.
  • Along with 30 days of unlimited use in the trial period, the most basic version of Trainerize can be used forever at no cost.

The digital age has taken many experiences and services online that were once limited to physical interaction in the customer’s local area. Personal training is no exception and while it may not have been the first field to take advantage of the possibilities of this era, online training and consulting are now a huge segment of the fitness industry.

Its meteoric rise in popularity owes mainly to the additional opportunities and convenience it provides both clients and trainers:

Whereas a client seeking a personal trainer was once limited to those within the distance they could drive, he or she now has access to some of the best in the world with no geographic constraints.

While a trainer once struggled to fill unpopular workout times, sometimes even discounting their services to do so, they can now use such times to interact

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