Low-Carb Watermelon & Lime Coolers

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If you’re looking for a refreshing low-carb summer drink, these sugar-free coolers made with watermelon, lime and mint are one to try.

They’re sweetener free and use just watermelon to sweeten naturally. I made a concentrate with the watermelon and then watered it down with sparkling water so light yet still flavoursome and the net carbs low.

Plus the colour is so pretty and this healthy drink is almost calorie-free. Make these at your next BBQ to pair with your meal and everyone will be so impressed!

There are loads of healthy low-carb and sugar-free options here:

How To Make Electrolyte Drink

It’s easy to convert this refreshing, tasty summer beverage into low-carb electrolyte drink.

Simply use the cooler as a base and add magnesium, potassium and sodium like we did in our original Homemade Electrolyte Drink and Blueberry & Lemon Electrolyte Drink. No more keto-flu!

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