Video Assistance in Judging Olympic Weightlifting Competition

Over two consecutive weekends in May I was able to officiate at both the American and Canadian national weightlifting championships. Now that I have returned home and the dust has settled it is time to go over the impressions gained.


First came the US Nationals. These were held in Memphis, Tennessee on the grounds of Graceland, known to all pop music fans as the Elvis Presley estate. There were just shy of 400 athletes attending. This necessitated the use of two simultaneous platforms in order to complete the event in three days. Two platforms mean two complete electronic set-ups, with full-time technicians to oversee their operation.



This might be decried by the traditionalists but it does result in a very polished presentation. Announcements from the speaker on one platform did not interfere much with those of its neighbor. A bonus for the audience was that they got to see double the action. This can be a problem at single platform events, especially when there are a lot of gaps in the action, as often happens.


After Memphis, being a country music fan of long standing, I naturally hit I-40 to make the 200-mile jag over to Nashville, where I

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Supplements for Your Summer Shred

The supplement industry isn’t regulated by the FDA. Unfortunately, it leaves very little to be trusted because the supplement industry as a whole isn’t exactly forthcoming with information. Having had a frightening discussion with my gastroenterologist about the use of pre-workout and certain protein powders, I swore to stay off of anything remotely close to what I was taking before.


After reading a plethora of books such as The Zane Body, Advanced Sports Nutrition by Dan Bernardot, and many research articles, I produced what I believe is a trustworthy list to live by. Summer is fast approaching and everyone has goals they want to reach safely while maintaining health for the long-term.



Supplementation isn’t a replacement for hard work. Supplementation is something you need to trust yourself with and utilize to its maximal potential in conjunction with nutrition that supports your goals. As I prepped for a contest, the following supplements proved to help me in ways that I cannot imagine. These supplements are all derived from animals and/or plants and thus synthetic production isn’t a worry here.


Beneficial Supplementation: Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most researched supplements to date. Caffeine proves to be useful in

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28 Day Anti-Fragile Human Challenge

Humans are anti-fragile by nature. The concept of anti-fragility is not that we deflect attacks like a Gore-tex repels water, but that we, in fact, need resistance to grow stronger. Humanity is not totally activated, empowered, or fulfilled without challenge. Resistance activates us and breeds human flourishing. This is the backbone of all training. Resistance and adaptation.


We are now witnessing a human spiritual crisis. Across modern society depression, obesity, suicide, and drug overdoses have skyrocketed. We experience the highest standard of living in human history, yet few are fulfilled amid the affluence.



In the modern environment, necessary pain and challenges are no longer baked into the experience of being a human. We don’t sacrifice and toil for a larger group purpose. We don’t experience the self-actualization, satisfaction, and authenticity endeared through raw, vulnerable experience. We isolate, flee resistance, chase pleasure and remain a shell of our potential.


For self-development, you could stand in the mirror repeating mantras for 10 minutes but that won’t amount to a hill of beans without actual action. Inspiration follows action—it doesn’t precede it. Spend that 10-minutes doing a brutal 5-minutes of non-stop kettlebell swings, a 4-minute cold shower, and

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The Best Aloe Vera Drinks On The Market In 2019

Making your own aloe vera juice and aloe vera drinks can be time consuming. Many people simple will not do it because they do not have the time or the energy to go through all of the steps required to make your own drinks. If you still want all of the benefits that come along with drinking aloe vera, you can actually buy aloe vera drinks at a wide variety of stores. But how do you know which ones you should buy?

Here are some of the best aloe vera drinks you can buy in stores:

Fruit of the Earth

Fruit of the Earth is a brand that provides a wide variety of aloe vera drinks, in a number of different flavors. While some people prefer the natural Aloe Vera taste, if you do not find that it is to your liking, a Fruit of the Earth drink might be a great option for you, since all of their drinks are blends with fruits for sweetness and flavor. They use no artificial sweeteners (no sugar at all, actually) or colors in their drinks, making them a great option for those looking to remove chemicals from their diet.


ALO is …

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How To Cope with Stress and Positively Thrive On it

There’s no denying it; stress is a part of our lives. We can’t get rid of it entirely. Stress, for some people, is a temporary thing–one they’re easily able to shrug off. But for many people, stress is the reason they are constantly irritated or in pain. Stress is difficult to deal with because no universal stress buster exists. Just because something worked for your friend doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you as well. Medication, for instance, is the best remedy for some people. For others, natural and herbal remedies work best. If you need some much needed stress relief, these natural and herbal remedies should be able to help you so give them a try.

One of the most popular alternative remedies for combating stress right now is CBD oil. Because its derived from Cannabis many people believe that this substance is illegal, but that’s not actually the case . Unlike the active ingredient in Cannabis,  tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC), CBD is not psychoactive. This means that you wont get high from it (sorry folks!), but its reputation as a powerful healing agent with a range of health and medicinal benefits is growing at light speed – and

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The Fat Burning Furnace – How It Helped Me

Last year when I was looking to lose a few pounds after a recent pregnancy I came across a pretty highly reviewed program called the Fat Burning Furnace. Fat Burning WorkoutsFat Burning Furnace ScamFat Burning Furnace This program advertised itself to be a step by step guide to understanding the truth behind weight loss and how you could finally lose the fat you have been wanting to. However, I was skeptical at first because there are dozens of these programs online so it is hard to tell the real from the fake. I ended up trying the program and this is my full review on what the program does and how it worked for me.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – What I Learned

What I noticed right off the bat about the Fat Burning Furnace Program is that there was an abundance of information that I had never heard before. They even teach you a pretty sneaky technique, just one, that tricks your body into burning more fat than normal. I even learned how to cook a dish that is known to boost the fat burning hormones within our bodies but the most important part was …

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Restless Leg Syndrome – Is It Stopping You from Sleeping?

The continuous recordings of brain activity that led to the discovery of REM (rapid eye-movement) sleep were not done until 1953, partly because the scientists doing the tests were concerned about wasting paper!

Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep (PLMS) is a symptom that is commonly associated with another type of sleep disorder known as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). However, PLMS is a separate condition and RLS need not be present.

Although the problem itself does not seem to cause or aggravate any other medical conditions, the frequent limb movements can cause a disruption in a person’s sleep. In fact, it can lead to significant insomnia, which can have adverse affects. It is for this reason that PLMS is considered a sleep disorder.

Symptoms are few but they are obvious. As the name implies, the lower limbs of individuals with this disorder move, often repetitively, for varying periods of time. These movements, which are characterized as either sudden jerks, or twitches, or a flexing of the foot upwards, occur while the affected individual is asleep. These types of limb movements occur in episodes that can last just a minute or they can last for many hours. Once an episode stops, however, …

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A Motivational Workshop: Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet






Awaken is honored to host Cameron Brown, who has spoken to audiences across 4 continents, appeared on the TEDx stage in Rome as well as popular media outlets including ABC and Huffington Post, and his videos have been viewed by more than 1 million people across 195 countries. Lucky us, he’s coming to Awaken!


When: Dec. 1 / 1:30 pm-4:30 pm (half hour break for snacks and a stretch sesh led by Awaken manager Tanya) 
Where: Awaken! Bring a meditation cushion, yoga mat, or pillow to sit on
Topic: Have your best year ever! Why most resolutions don’t work, and how to create sustainable and high-performance patterns and habits

Cost: $40 Awaken members / $45 non-Awaken members


Get your tickets here:


Check out other upcoming workshops and events at Awaken Denver Bodyweight Fitness Gym, here:

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Awaken Bodyweight Fitness + Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project = Winning!

At Awaken Denver, we’re committed to constantly developing partnerships with people and businesses in our community.
Check out the Sojourner Beer Project, right across the street from Awaken, for deals on brews of all kinds!
Even if you’re not a beer drinker, you can grab a few n/a options like their draft root beer and cold nitro brew coffee!
Get $1.50 OFF every pint with your Awaken membership! ———>>>

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Awaken November Bodyweight Fitness Specials are HERE!

Awaken Denver Bodyweight Fitness owners Orench Lagman and Crystal Hatch would like to offer …






As a thank you to our local and global bodyweight fitness community, and alongside our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY we’re running specials all NOVEMBER LONG! Click here to buy now!


Keep your eye out for more specials in the coming year by staying connected and follow us on Facebook, or email us at!



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