Interview: Michelle Richards, CrossFit Hyde Park [Tips + Hacks]

Get the Basics…

  • Movement, Mobility, and Injury Prevention
  • Michelle’s Support of CrossFit and Response to Critics
  • Maintaining fun and play while exercising

CrossFit either stirs up intense loyalty or controversy. It has passionate followers and naysayers. However, Michelle issued a challenge for the naysers in her interview: “Come to CrossFit Hyde Park and I will change your mind.”

We cover everything from moving better every day, injury prevention, recovery, rehabilitation, and the tools she’s used to engage and retain her clients.

Get ready! Here we go.

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Meet Michelle Richards, Owner CrossFit Hyde Park

Schimri Yoyo: I am Schimri Yoyo, writer for, and we are continuing our series of interviews with fitness experts. And today, we have here with us Michelle Richards, owner of CrossFit Hyde Park in Tampa, FL and educator at the University of Tampa. Thank you, Michelle, for joining us today.

Michelle Richards: Sure. Thanks for inviting me to do this. I am happy to help out.

Schimri Yoyo: How did you become passionate about fitness training? CrossFit in general?

Michelle Richards: When I was in my twenties, I was an intern

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How to Master The Floor Press | Building Muscle

A floor press is a strength training exercise that you are likely to see in any weight room. It looks very impressive, but it can be tough on the shoulders. It’s important to do this exercise correctly. Not only to prevent injury, but also so that you can actually feel the exercise in your chest.

In this article, we’ll go over how to do a floor press effectively to build up strength in your chest and arms. 

What Is A Floor Press?

A floor press is a weight lifting exercise that allows you to focus purely on your arms and chest while avoiding stress on the rest of your body. As one of the original weight lifting exercises, it’s been done well over a hundred years. 

It’s often done as a show-off move, with gym rats competing to see who could do the heaviest bench press. Floor presses predate the bench press, and when the bench press rose to popularity, some people abandoned the floor press. 

However, this exercise still retains a place in many people’s weight lifting routines, particularly those who are focused specifically on strength training. Floor presses provide stability that is difficult to get with a

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Total Gym PiYo Workout – Total Gym Pulse

Flex, bend, move, and groove to a workout that combines Pilates, yoga, and strength movements into a killer routine.

You may or may not have heard of the famous PiYo workout. Put simply, it’s a high-energy, continual routine that blends Pilates and yoga to burn calories and tone muscles.

Many workouts in our fitness world today tend to blend different modalities into a training session to maximize time and achieve a training goal. Having a well rounded program of different types of cardio, strength, and flexibility training is the key elements to gaining results.

PiYo [defined]

PiYo is a dynamic, flowing sequence of exercises that burns calories while lengthening and toning your muscles and increasing flexibility. PiYo was created by Chalene Johnson, the founder of the Turbo Kick system and is a Beachbody program. It was designed for people who want the mind-body benefits of a yoga or Pilates workout, but in a higher-energy, faster paced style.

POSITIVES of Piyo[benefits]

1. Good for all ages and fitness levels

2. Total body workout

3. Improves strength, cardio output, flexibility

4. Low impact movements

5. Burns calories

6. Increases balance and stability

7. Increase joint range of motion


A typical

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How to Train Clients With Diastasis Recti

As a pelvic health physiotherapist, I considered myself an expert in diastasis recti. After all, I’d been treating the condition for nearly 20 years in my patients.

Then, after my third pregnancy, I diagnosed the condition in myself.

Despite all my education and experience, my first reaction was fear. Because the conventional wisdom for so long has been to go slow to avoid anything that might make the diastasis recti worse, my instinct was to approach the condition conservatively.

I worried.

Would I ever be able to do abdominal training again?
Would I be able to run long distances?
Would yoga no longer be safe?
What about Pilates?

Even for an expert like me, it was hard to figure out what having diastasis meant for my fitness. What exercises could I do? Could I fix the gap in my abdominal muscles? Was I “broken” in some way?

After working with another physiotherapist and a coach I finally began to separate the information from the misinformation about diastasis recti.

My physiotherapist and my coach helped me realize I wasn’t broken — with diastasis recti, my abdominal muscles simply couldn’t generate as much tension and intra-abdominal pressure as before. They also

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TrueCoach (FitBot) Review [Everything You Need to Know]

Features TrueCoach Features TrueCoach
iPhone Phone
Android Email
Web Chat
(colors, language, features, etc)
Knowledge Base
Schedule Appointments & Classes Easy to Use Workout Routine & Plan Creator
Automate Payments Securely & Easily Deliver Workouts for Any Scenario
Online & In Person Booking Customize Your Own Exercise Library
Automated Email, Text, App Reminders Client & Trainer Workout Logging App
Business Dashboard & Reports Workout Progress Made Easy
Staff Roles, Permissions, and Schedules Automated Workout Engagement
Endless Marketing Integrations
Manage Unlimited Client Base
Manage Software from Anywhere
Sell Memberships/Training Packages Turn Leads Into Clients
Sell Single Workout Plans Engage Clients via Assessments
Deliver Individual Training Track Measurement Data (injuries, etc.)
Run Workout Challenges unclear Deliver Personalized Workouts
Sell Recurring Workout Memberships Nutrition

With phenomenal

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Hip Adduction Exercises | Fitness | Training Videos

If there’s one exercise at the local gym that makes you blush and avoid eye contact, it’s the hip adduction exercises. However, these machines work a very important part of your body that often goes overlooked and untouched by most other lower body workouts. 

Even if there isn’t an abduction machine at your local gym (or you’d rather avoid looking down at the ground or ceiling while using the equipment), there are other hip adduction exercises you can perform, both at the gym and at home.

If you fully want to hit your lower body and improve your overall performance with any other athletic activity, you need to perform a handful of hip adduction exercises. 

Hip Abduction vs Hip Adduction Exercises

You’re at the gym, and you see a hip adduction machine and a hip abduction machine. What’s the difference? Is there any? The movement is similar, but there is a difference between the two. 

Basically, for one you’ll be working the interior of your thighs, and for the other you’ll work the exterior, or your hips.” 

Abduction is when you begin with your legs close together. You then push the weight away from the center of your body. With

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