Muscle Building Diet – Achieving The Right Balance

If you’re a bodybuilder or weight lifter and trying to put on muscle mass, you probably know it’s not good enough just to do the right exercises. You also need to eat right. Nutrition is equally, if not more important in helping you achieve your bodybuilding goals and getting the right nutrients essential.Developing a muscle building diet should not be based on trial and error, but on a solid foundation of information that’s right for you and you only.If you’re like most bodybuilders, you have many questions and very conflicting information. Questions such as these are all valid:

  • How many calories should I consume per day?
  • What foods will promote muscle gain?
  • Can I make healthy foods that taste good?

Nutrition is the most neglected part of a body building plan, yet it’s one of the most crucial parts. Eat the wrong things and you will not see great results. They key is to know the proportions of calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates that are right for you and your body.


Protein is the most commonly known nutrient for muscle building and this is for a reason. During weight lifting, muscle tissue is broken down and during rest, must …

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