Preparing for Your 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Any change can be difficult and the same is true for your 30 day challenge. There will be times when it is hard and there may even be times when you want to give up. The trick to success is figuring out the areas where you will likely struggle and then making a plan to overcome those struggles. This isn’t saying that you won’t still have times when things are hard, but the more prepared you are beforehand the more likely you are to find success..

Do You Slowly Increase Pressure on the Gas Pedal, or Do You Slam It to the Floor?

When you are driving down the road in your favorite vehicle and you want to accelerate, what do you do? You press the gas, of course. However, there are a couple of ways to give your car some gas to increase your speed. You could slam the gas pedal all the way to the floor, which might seem to be the way to get where you want to go quickly, but if you aren’t used to driving at that speed then you will very likely lose control of your car.

The same is true for eating, if …

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Paleo Foods You Can Freeze

Have you thought about going on the paleo diet? Perhaps you would like to try it out to see if you can start reaping many of the wonderful benefits and health rewards you have heard others brag about after eating this way. Some people simply want to drop a quick 10 or 20 pounds, and that is definitely possible on the paleo diet plan. If you are thinking about going paleo for an extended period of time, perhaps 30 days or more, you may be wondering what types of foods you can store in the freezer while still sticking to this type of eating plan.

The Slow Cooker Is Your Friend

Run a Google search for “slow cooker paleo recipes” and you will see thousands upon thousands of results. There are truly a limitless number of healthy, paleo recipes you can make in your slow cooker. Once these meals are done, it is a simple task to break them down into single serving sizes, place them in freezer bags, and then pull out and thaw them in warm or boiling water for a quick and easy meal.

Meat, Meat, Meat

Going paleo means you are allowed to enjoy healthy …

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How Often Should You Do The Paleo Challenge?

Some people that go on a 30-day paleo challenge end up eating this way for most of the rest of their lives. They find it leads to mental focus and clarity, healthy weight management, great skin and a number of other benefits. However, you may feel the need to do a paleo challenge simply to get a healthy reset on your body. If this is the case, you may wonder if it is okay to perform this type of challenge frequently.

If you are currently eating predominantly junk food, fast food, restaurant food and food that you get in a can, box or wrapper, going paleo is a much healthier alternative. You are going to be eating “real food” instead of processed food, and you will notice significant health benefits pretty quickly. Even so, how often is too often to perform a paleo challenge?

What Are Your Intentions?

If you have a good relationship with food, you can enjoy a 30 day or 21-day paleo challenge regularly. If you are just looking to drop 10 pounds and remove dangerous and unhealthy toxins and poisons from your body, going through this type of challenge once or twice a year may be …

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Paleo Diet Essentials

Going paleo means making sure your kitchen is ready for your new way of healthy eating. This obviously means getting rid of unhealthy processed foods, refined sugar and flour, carbonated beverages, most of your vegetable oils and other paleo-unfriendly food items.

But just like there are things you need to get rid of, there are also things that will become very valuable to you. These are your paleo cooking essentials and you will need to keep these essentials on hand to replace all of the processed foods you will be removing from your life. On the paleo diet plan, as with any dietary approach, there are going to be foods and beverages that you are going to love as well as foods and drinks that you absolutely hate. That’s just part of a lifestyle change. Thankfully though, there are many people who have already walked this ‘Paleo path’, and they have roughly 45 food items that became staples in their transition. And these foods can become staples in your life too.


1 – Shrimp

2 – Wild-caught salmon

3 – Uncured, organic, nitrate-free bacon

4 – Organic, free-range chicken

5 – Grass-fed beef


6 – Organic, free-range eggs…

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How To Have Fun Toning Your Body

We often think of exercise as aerobics or running. We never associate fun things with exercise, but you can get out, have a good time and get a good workout at the same time. Having fun activities can help you achieve all of the benefits of a fitness program without signing up for a gym membership or donning a pair of running shoes?

For some of these activities, if you are in really poor shape you may want to do something else until you’re ready for these. If you’ve been inactive for a long time, these “fun” activities could feel like they are going to kill you.

Summertime Activities

When the sun is out and the air is warm, there’s no reason to stay inside. These four activities are fun ways to spend your summer days, and they’ll get you in shape fast.

* Swimming. Swimming is an all-around shaper. It gives you great tone from head to toe. And during the warm summer months it’s also a fun way to cool off. Additionally, swimming is a wonderful aerobic exercise that strengthens your heart and lungs. If you’re in really bad shape, you can simply walk around the shallow end …

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Can You Really Lose 3 Pounds in 3 Days?

My wife called me on my cell phone the other day, and she seemed in a panic. It isn’t like her to get freaked out too easily, so I was surprised to hear that she was in such a frantic state. Clearly she must be experiencing some tremendous tragedy, and I was almost afraid to ask her just what was going on. I braced myself for bad news, expecting her to tell me the worst, but once she calmed down she told me that the “big crisis” was that she needed to lose 3 pounds in 3 days.

For me, losing a few pounds isn’t anything to get all worried about. So to lose 3 pounds in 3 days didn’t really strike me as something that should be such cause for concern. But to be frank my wife is tremendously competitive, and she and her best friend have been dieting and exercising together, so they’ve been comparing their weight loss progress on a weekly basis. They both work out at the same gym and weigh in together every Friday evening. Well, to date they’d been keeping even pace with one another, but my wife heard from one of the trainers …

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Muscle Building Diet – Achieving The Right Balance

If you’re a bodybuilder or weight lifter and trying to put on muscle mass, you probably know it’s not good enough just to do the right exercises. You also need to eat right. Nutrition is equally, if not more important in helping you achieve your bodybuilding goals and getting the right nutrients essential.Developing a muscle building diet should not be based on trial and error, but on a solid foundation of information that’s right for you and you only.If you’re like most bodybuilders, you have many questions and very conflicting information. Questions such as these are all valid:

  • How many calories should I consume per day?
  • What foods will promote muscle gain?
  • Can I make healthy foods that taste good?

Nutrition is the most neglected part of a body building plan, yet it’s one of the most crucial parts. Eat the wrong things and you will not see great results. They key is to know the proportions of calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates that are right for you and your body.


Protein is the most commonly known nutrient for muscle building and this is for a reason. During weight lifting, muscle tissue is broken down and during rest, must …

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