New Bodyweight Classes in Denver at Awaken this Fall!


We’ve had new GRAY classes on the schedule at Awaken Gym in Denver for a few weeks now, so if you haven’t given them a try, get in on it!


Also, October is the perfect time to TEST into Gray – remember, Gray level students can still take all the Blue classes they desire, but challenge yourself, and work towards some skills you’ve been hankering after. Test in with any front desk associate or coach (remember to come 15 min early) and discuss your membership options with Tanya! 


Look for these NEW classes on the schedule at Awaken:



Accelerated Rings

Elevate your ring work with these 50/50 machines that will allow you to feel each ring skill, like muscle-ups, body levers, flips, dips and more! This class will help you increase your upper body power while allowing you to feel the seamless movements of mastery while getting seriously strong and having fun. 




This class is designed to help you find your own unique freedom in movement by teaching you how to pair different drills together using balance, body and spatial awareness. In combining upper and lower body drills and skills with inversions and balance, you’ll discover how your body

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Fall Into The Season With the Denver Awaken Tribe

Are you swooning for that Denver Fall weather chill in the air!? 



Since the autumnal equinox began the nights are getting longer and the days shorter – which means less time outside, and more time cozying up indoors. Which is why …


NOW is the perfect time to commit to your training, and enjoy the community gatherings with your Awaken Tribe!  


Stay up-to-date on all of the Fall and early winter specials coming your way by following us on social media!


We’ve got some anniversary specials and New Year challenges coming your way, so stay connected with us through the beautiful Fall in Denver!! 


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Preparing Yourself for Paleo Success

One of the best things that you can do for yourself when you start your paleo journey is to prepare yourself for success. Believe it or not, preparing for success isn’t just about motivating yourself it is also about identifying your potential obstacles, making plans for ways to get around those obstacles, and finding ways for you to keep yourself motivated.

Even though the goal of eating paleo is to achieve your best health and weight, it will take some time to get there. If you go into this journey expecting your motivation to be enough to change your life, you will likely fail. Likewise, if you go into this journey thinking about all of the things that are going to go wrong you will likely fail. There is a balance for being successful, and a big part of that balance is knowing how to be realistic about what you should expect while still being confident that you are going to be able to achieve your goals.

It takes 21 days to create a habit. By that logic if you think about everything good and bad that you may experience in the next 21 days then you are getting yourself …

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Where to Buy Paleo Foods Online

Shopping for paleolithic-approved foods at your local grocer can be difficult. You have been shopping a certain way for a very long time, either years or decades. That means that you are used to spending a lot of time in the interior aisles of your favorite supermarkets. Unfortunately, almost everything in those inner aisles is off-limits as long as you are eating the paleo way. You want to focus on the outer walls of typical grocery stores when shopping for the paleo plan.

As a result, you may prefer to purchase your paleo goodies online. Fortunately for you, a lot of companies have jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon in recent years. That means you can go to the following websites and purchase paleo products, which saves you time, wear and tear on your vehicle, and money spent on fuel shopping the traditional way.

This company’s tagline is “We Believe That Food Is Medicine”. They offer free shipping on orders above $49. If you decide to become an affiliate, you can make money by referring their healthy products to your friends, as you get paid a commission when someone you refer to the site makes a purchase. In addition …

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What to Expect Your First Week on The Paleo Diet

Have you ever had the flu? Some people that go paleo are confused by flulike symptoms the first 5 to 7 days of this eating plan. This is known as the “carb flu”, so named because your restricted carbohydrate intake produces symptoms that mirror influenza. This means fatigue, muscle aches and chills, nausea, sore throat or a congestion in the head may develop during the first week of adopting a paleo eating approach. Understanding this going in can keep you from being concerned that something bad is happening to your body. It is also important that you know that this will only last 5-7 days and then you will begin to truly feel the positive effects of eating this way. Below are some of the things you should expect when starting your paleo journey.

You Might Be Hungry … Really Hungry

Paleo foods are high in nutrition and low in carbohydrates and calories, in most cases. This means you could find yourself ravenously hungry throughout the day. If this happens, eat some fruit, because fruit is higher in healthy fat and calories than a lot of meat or vegetables. Make sure you take in healthy fat and protein in each …

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Top Paleo Meal Delivery Services

When Henry Ford adopted the assembly line as a process for making automobiles, little did he know he was contributing to the growth of your waistline. Cars replaced horse-drawn buggies, and pizza chains and other restaurants now use vehicles to deliver food to your front door. Unfortunately, most delivery food is less than healthy. Much of it certainly doesn’t qualify as paleo-friendly. Lately though, in the United States and other countries, paleo meal delivery services have become commonplace.

This is a simple way to have a virtual paleo chef cooking for you. You go online, place your order, either one-time orders or weekly and monthly deliveries, and you simplify the paleo eating process. Here are a few of the major paleo delivery services in the United States, and a summary of the services they offer.

Pre-Made Paleo

This moderately priced paleo meal delivery service can be found in all 50 US states, Canada and Puerto Rico. They specialize in organic vegetables, locally sourced food and grass-fed beef. This company was started by chef and author Richard Bradford, who wrote the New York Times bestseller The Whole30. Expect strict adherence to paleo guidelines. All vegetables are 100% organic.

Pete’s Paleo

Expect …

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Simple Tricks to Keep You Feeling Full On The Paleo Diet

When you go paleo, it means you are going to be consuming food that is nutritionally supercharged. As opposed to the simple carbohydrates, junk food, sugar and fast foods you may have been eating in the past, paleo food is often low in calories and carbohydrates. It is nutritionally dense, which is a good thing, but the fact that you aren’t taking in as many carbs and calories as you are used to means you may feel hungry eating these types of healthy foods.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to combat these hunger pains.

Eat More Frequently

One simple way to keep yourself feeling full is to spread your meals and snacks out over 5 or 6 sessions. We have been taught to eat 3 major meals in many modern societies. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to keep you feeling full all day long and to keep your metabolism cranked up. Eat 3 sensible meals and 2 or 3 snacks during the day, and drink water, black tea or green tea all day long. This keeps cravings at bay, and keeps your belly full.

Drink A Lot

Eating paleo means avoiding most foods and drinks which require …

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Preparing Your Paleo Kitchen

They say that if you are selling your home, spending some time redoing your kitchen can return several times the amount of money you invest when you finally make the sale. The same is true when you spend money on your kitchen for health purposes. Whatever you spend getting your kitchen ‘paleo ready’ will return itself many times over. Not only in terms of your overall health, but also your energy levels, weight loss, and mental clarity. Below are some ways that you can invest in your paleo kitchen, and by doing so invest in your health.

Avoid Temptation by Purging Your Pantry

When you don’t have non-paleo food staring you in the face, it is harder to stumble on your paleo path. If the unhealthy foods you crave are not nearby, it is much easier to avoid eating them. So your first step to creating a paleo friendly kitchen is to purge your pantry, cleanse your cupboards and clean out your refrigerator.

Some of the things you will want to remove include grains, beans, dairy, flour, refined sugars, carbonated beverages and processed foods. You can donate these foods to a worthy cause, discard them, or have your non-paleo friends …

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Preparing for Your 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Any change can be difficult and the same is true for your 30 day challenge. There will be times when it is hard and there may even be times when you want to give up. The trick to success is figuring out the areas where you will likely struggle and then making a plan to overcome those struggles. This isn’t saying that you won’t still have times when things are hard, but the more prepared you are beforehand the more likely you are to find success..

Do You Slowly Increase Pressure on the Gas Pedal, or Do You Slam It to the Floor?

When you are driving down the road in your favorite vehicle and you want to accelerate, what do you do? You press the gas, of course. However, there are a couple of ways to give your car some gas to increase your speed. You could slam the gas pedal all the way to the floor, which might seem to be the way to get where you want to go quickly, but if you aren’t used to driving at that speed then you will very likely lose control of your car.

The same is true for eating, if …

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Paleo Foods You Can Freeze

Have you thought about going on the paleo diet? Perhaps you would like to try it out to see if you can start reaping many of the wonderful benefits and health rewards you have heard others brag about after eating this way. Some people simply want to drop a quick 10 or 20 pounds, and that is definitely possible on the paleo diet plan. If you are thinking about going paleo for an extended period of time, perhaps 30 days or more, you may be wondering what types of foods you can store in the freezer while still sticking to this type of eating plan.

The Slow Cooker Is Your Friend

Run a Google search for “slow cooker paleo recipes” and you will see thousands upon thousands of results. There are truly a limitless number of healthy, paleo recipes you can make in your slow cooker. Once these meals are done, it is a simple task to break them down into single serving sizes, place them in freezer bags, and then pull out and thaw them in warm or boiling water for a quick and easy meal.

Meat, Meat, Meat

Going paleo means you are allowed to enjoy healthy …

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