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Sometimes life just get too busy and it is hard to plan healthy keto options.  Even Craig and I, who actually enjoy cooking have had our own struggles and are often pinched for time. I find myself making homemade bone broth less and less; and more often than not, using Kettle and Fire bone broth!

I have great news!

People who truly understand the struggles of wanting healthy keto food and wanting it fast exist…and they want to help! Like my friends over at Kettle & Fire.

They aren’t strangers to the keto lifestyle. In fact, they’ve been quietly showing the bone broth community how to make it work for quite a while.

But then they did something even cooler. (Or maybe I should say warmer…)

They developed a new line of soups – made with their signature organic bone broths – that are ready-to-heat in less than 5 minutes, portable, and (more importantly) keto-friendly. I LOVE that I can pack these when we go camping!

Their new keto soup line (now up to 30% off!) features a new spin on some classics, as well as brand new, never-before-seen combos.

I can’t honestly say which is my favorite yet, because

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"Killer Germs" Obliterated by Medicinal Smoke (Smudging), Study Reveals

The ritualistic use of plant smoke stretches back to prehistoric and is still used, the world over, as a way of ‘cleansing’ the spirit. Now modern scientific research reveals that the practice may actually have life-saving implications by purifying the air of harmful bacteria.  

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Muscle & Fitness Podcast #024: Ali Gilbert

We sit down to speak with hormonal health expert Ali Gilbert about testosterone.

This week on the Muscle and Fitness podcast, M&F executive editor Zack Zeigler (@zraz) and celebrity trainer Don Saladino (@donsaladino) and speak with hormonal health expert Ali Gilbert (@thealigilbert) about testosterone replacement therapy and the lifestyle choices required to achieve optimal levels of testosterone naturally. 


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Homeopathic Medicines for Retention of Urine

Retention of urine refers to a condition in which a person is unable to empty the urinary bladder; either partially or completely. This condition can be acute or chronic. Homeopathic medicines for retention of urine help effectively treat the condition. However, it is to be noted that acute urinary retention is a medical emergency, in which urgent help from the conventional mode of treatment should be taken immediately.

Acute urinary retention happens suddenly and is a medical emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. In this condition, the person wants to urinate, but is unable pass any urine at all. There is usually abdominal pain. Chronic retention of urine appears over a long period of time. In this condition a person is able to urinate but the bladder doesn’t empty completely.

Homeopathic Medicines for Retention of Urine

Homeopathic medicines play a supportive role to manage cases of chronic retention or urine. These are selected for chronic retention of urine individually for every case based on the characteristic symptoms. The top grade medicines for managing chronic urine retention are Clematis, Conium, Lycopodium, Pareira Brava and Chimaphila.

 1. Clematis – For Feeble Stream of Urine and Difficulty in Initiating Urination

Clematis is

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Terri’s Fitness Journey Update July 2019

No guilt – the gym will always be there

It’s been hot, humid, and muggy in Pennsylvania, which I intensely dislike (aka hate). Summer is my least favorite season of the year. (I have friends who love this weather, which I just cannot fathom. But then, they get pretty annoyed at me when I get all ramped up for freezing weather and a good snowstorm.) Since it’s been so hot, I’ve been spending my early morning time prior to work in my garden because that has been the nicest time of the day caring for plants, harvesting and pulling weeds. Over the weekend, I can be outside in the garden most of the day by moving to all the shady spots. The time that I am spending doing this is normally my workout time, and I’ve been feeling a bit guilty because here I am doing a blog for Total Gym and I’ve not been using the gym on a regular schedule for the past few weeks.

Just recently I saw a Facebook post covering the topic of not feeling guilty and that the gym will always be there. Nice weather is a time when people go on vacation, do

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Soda’s Biggest Health Danger Is Not What You Think

By now we all know that soda and other sugary
beverages are just about the worst thing you can drink.

Study after study shows that soda—diet or regular—makes
you obese. 

But new research shows that getting fat is not
the worst health effect. 

The study was published in The BMJ’s Clinical Research Edition. Researchers analyzed health data
from 100,000 people. Scientists tracked the participants’ foods, drinks, and medical
information for nine years.[1]

Researchers found that soda drinkers were more
prone to cancer.

Just 3.5 daily ounces of soda or sugary fruit
juice raised subjects’ cancer risk by 18%. It upped women’s chance of breast
cancer by 22%.

The scientists think this is because sugar:

  • Raises blood glucose levels.

All of these are cancer risk factors. The
researchers think it’s possible that chemicals in the drinks could be
carcinogenic as well.[2]

Trick to Stop Your Soda Drinking Habit

If you drink soda, quit. If you find it’s
difficult to go cold turkey, try this…

Reduce your soda serving size and add seltzer.
Gradually increase the amount of seltzer and decrease the soda until you’re
drinking only seltzer.

Dr. Mathilde Touvier led the study cited above.
“The only beverage

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A New Study on Hashimoto’s Disease, Diet, and Lifestyle

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why this study was needed
  • How the study was funded and designed
  • The impact of using diet and lifestyle to treat Hashimoto’s
  • Individual case studies
  • Taking a Functional Medicine approach to Hashimoto’s
  • Health coaching and collaborative care

Show notes:

Hey, everyone, it’s Chris Kresser. Welcome to another episode of Revolution Health Radio. This week I’m excited to welcome Angie Alt and Rob Abbott as my guests. We’re going to be discussing the very exciting results of a study they just completed looking at the autoimmune protocol and other behavior and lifestyle interventions as a potential treatment for Hashimoto’s.

And if you’ve been listening to the show for awhile, you may recall that I had Angie and Dr. Konijeti on to discuss the results of their study on the autoimmune protocol as a treatment for inflammatory bowel disease. That was the first peer-reviewed study on AIP that had ever been done, and this is now the second looking at AIP as an intervention for autoimmune disease, and I think there are already some others under way.

So it’s really exciting to see this formal research being done on a protocol that we’ve known

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Sherelle lost 51 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Transformation of the Day: Sherelle lost 51 pounds. This Advertising Executive and mom of two’s wake-up call came in an emergency room while dealing with a rude receptionist. She turned a negative experience into a positive on and learned the power of self-discipline. Check out her story.

I guess it’s time I change my profile picture.🤔 I’ve officially lost 51 pounds since February, and I feel so much better!

Last year I had a wake-up call. I went to the ER with pain in my side and
difficulty breathing. The Intake Receptionist took one look at me and said, “Fertile, 40, and fat. It’s your gallbladder.” 😳 Well, she was wrong. I actually had pneumonia!

However, she was right that I was under 40, able to have children still, and FAT! There is nothing like being called fat to your face to wake you up!
I never forgot that experience.

My pain level that day and my walk with Christ are the only things that kept me from…🙏🏾 Instead, I let these things motivate me. Before I got any
health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes, I needed to make some
changes. So, I put the fork down

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Craving Chocolate? Try These 3 Guilt-Free Recipes!

Reviewed By: Lisa Donaldson, APD, M.Nutr&Diet, B.Edu

Well, what can I say – dessert is a fan-bloody-tastic treat that soooo many of us crave. It’s is a slice of heaven on earth, a happy food that lightens your mood, fixes heartache, soothes the soul… I could go on and on! So, if you’re always saving room for dessert, but never committing for fear of a calorie overload, I’m here to put you at ease! It IS possible to indulge completely guilt-free, and these decadent 12WBT chocolate dessert recipes are just the ticket!

Chocolate Pudding 

2 Serves – 179 Cal / serve – 25 min prep – 15 min cooking


  • 1g olive oil spray
  • 2 teaspoons cocoa powder (6g)
  • 20g fresh dates, chopped
  • 3 teaspoons margarine (15g)
  • 15g dark chocolate, chopped
  • 1 cage-free egg (59g), lightly beaten
  • 1 teaspoon plain flour (3g)


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Spray two 1/3 cup capacity shallow ramekins with oil. Use half the cocoa powder to dust insides of the ramekins. Shake out any excess.
  2. Combine dates and 2 tablespoons boiling water in a small heatproof bowl. Add margarine and chocolate. Microwave on high for 40 seconds. Stir until chocolate and margarine have

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